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"Neurofeedback with Margi Haas has been an incredibly pleasant experience. Each time, I felt clearer, more centered, more able to respond to life from a balanced and contented place. What a gift."
Susan Proctor, Melbourne, Australia

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"I had the unusual opportunity to undergo four sessions over a 24 hour period with Margi Haas and Leslie Austinís wonderful neurofeedback system run by Margi Haas. I had never done neurofeedback and in fact I did not know what it was until learning of this system through them.

As a result, my erratic sleeping patterns have changed and normalized and for the first time in years I am able to sleep a full seven hours nightly. I feel more energetic as a result. Another significant matter I noticed is that the right side of my face no longer swells and droops when I am triggered by a conversation as before. I love this system of brain training."
Morgana DeMatao, Vancouver, BC

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"I have for most of my adult life suffered from a mild post-traumatic stress disorder from childhood which would manifest itself as panic and generalized anxiety. I have had very little luck in remedying this problem until I started doing Zengar NeuroCare.

I have had 23 sessions over the course of several months and began to notice changes almost immediately. Short term, I find it is always an incredibly relaxing experience. I leave each training with a sense of calm and relaxation. If I go into a training session with a very tired mind, I leave feeling refreshed and energized but with a very calm centered energy.

With my tendency to drink alcohol often, I found it reduced my cravings and increased my ability to resist them.

Long-term results have been less anxiety, shorter recovery time from events that trigger the anxiety, and a much better, calmer thought process in dealing with problems of everyday life.

In the past, little problems would throw me off and render me virtually unable to deal with them in a timely and productive manner. Now I find that, even though there are still problems, I not only have the perspective to see that they are problems like everyone else has, but also am able to take them in stride and without the emotional/stressful tidal wave that used to destabilize me.

NeuroCare is such a pleasant experience for me: I find it is like having a wonderful massage for your brain. After each session, I feel clear and calm and centered. Thank you, Margi and Leslie!!"
SG, Brooklyn, NY

"After only three sessions with Margi Haas and the Zengar NeuroCare, I've noticed a significant improvement in my memory and state of alertness. I'm a naturally distracted person, always thinking of something else like the current book I'm reading while performing routine tasks, for example, which doesn't help my performance level on a daily basis. After the Zengar sessions I felt much more grounded, present in ordinary daily reality, aware of my surroundings, more concentrated on what I was doing, at the very moment I was doing it.

The combination of an experienced, caring and compassionate psychotherapist like Margi Haas, and this state of the art neurofeedback technology are the main reasons I'd strongly recommend her professional services.

This is definitely a brave new world and I can only hope professionals like Margi Haas will be treating much more people with the Zengar Neurofeedback Care. From now on we should be looking forward to the day this natural, non-invasive, non-chemical, yet very effective line of treatment, finds its way to mainstream America.
Nilsa Gorey, Professional Journalist and Astrologer, New York City

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